Bug treasure hunt

The bug treasure hunt has been developed to help with learning about ticks, tick habitat and behaviours to take when in areas where there may be ticks present, as well as learning about other bugs and encouraging being active in the outdoors.

The activity was designed with children in mind, but is perfectly suitable for use by adults too!

The activity comes in two parts:

Bug body part plaques – print out, laminate (if it’s possible to do so, and necessary – say if it’s wet.  Laminating will also mean the plaques can be used multiple times), and place at intervals along a route.

We think the best location for this activity is in areas where there is plenty of vegetation, since this is where ticks can normally be found – that includes manicured vegetation.  We have provided enough plaques to make up three sets – they are colour coded.  This allows for the activity to be played as a multi-group or multi-route activity, or just to have a few spares.  Each set does have a different set of bug facts – so there is different learning that can be taken from each set.

Bug treasure hunt worksheet – print out and give to each person or team taking part in the bug treasure hunt activity.  When a bug body part plaque is found on the route, colour or trace this part onto the worksheet.  The first person or team with a complete set of bugs coloured or traced on the worksheet is the winner!

To download the resources, simply right click on the image and select save image as.  You will need to do this for each of the bug plaques.  If you have any problems downloading – please get in touch and we can email the graphics to you: checkforticks@uhi.ac.uk.